Sunset Yogi Maternity Session

I'm one of those incredibly blessed individuals who has two jobs that I absolutely love. As a photographer, I get to witness moments--big and small--and document them. As a yoga teacher, I am constantly connecting to all kinds of people with different backgrounds. What can be better than those two things coming together?

Joe and Vanessa are the coolest couple you'll ever meet. Laid back and vibrant, Vanessa walks down the hill to Crescent Bay, cradling her belly. Joe is walking their adorable dog, Pheebs (yes she is named after Pheobe from Friends). Joe kindly guides his wife over the tide pools as we prepare for our shoot. And Vanessa is radiant. 

I mean I absolutely love maternity sessions. There's something about pregnant women that is beautiful and empowering. If I can make them feel an ounce of that in themselves, than I am happy. We squeezed every bit out of the sunset for this shoot. Check out some favorites below