Highs and Lows of Life with a Newborn

I wanted to hear about the most rewarding and most difficult parts of having a newborn. I pick up little tidbits at every newborn shoot, but it’s wonderful just to have a little insight from my community.

Straight from the Aloha Zo community:

Most difficult:

  • Not being able to instantly stop them crying


  • (from big brother) Changing his diaper!

  • Getting home from the hospital and thinking, “What do I do now?”

  • The sleep deprivation and the crying. So. Much. Crying!

  • Having to inhale your food when you get the chance

  • The lack of freedom—to be alone, shower or eat

  • To do anything on your own schedule

Don’t worry! Although I like knowing realistic, don’t worry. I like to end on a high note. The goodness that make all the sleep deprivation worth while...

Most Rewarding:

  • Watching them start to interact with you and the things around them

  • (from big brother) playing with him!

  • THAT NEWBORN SMELL!! And their sleepy snuggles

  • The snuggles and the pure joy

  • Looking at this tiny human you and your partner created out of love. awwwww…

  • The slowing down, rioting into what really matters, and letting all else fade

  • The constant connection and contact

  • The love you feel for your baby is unlike any other. You’re immediately happy when you look at him

Thanks for sharing friends. I’d love to hear what else you have to share. Feel free to share in the comments. And of course I’ve got to share some of my favorites from the newborn shoots in the past year.