Adventures in Hawaii with a Teething baby

It was a goal of mine to travel more after I got married. I feel as though I had a great college experience, but I stayed close to home. I commuted and I'm so blessed that my parents and I worked our tails off to keep me away from debt. Wouldn't change a thing. 

BUT, then I hustled right into trying every job I could for a good three years out of college. So now, it's where to? How lucky am I that I get to work literally anywhere I want? First stop? Of course, Hawaii. I'm so stoked my sister from another mister (the best SIL in the world) was able to come with me and make this trip unforgettable. She came with me and assisted/navigated/fed/modeled for me for 5 days with a teething 6-month old attached to her.

Naturally, I got some great shots of them on our adventures. There were so many, but here were my favorites: