At Home with the Briggs

So often I shoot family sessions and ask if mom and dad would like to shoot a few with just them. Most of the time, they are surprised and say they haven't had professional photos done since their wedding. I'm always astonished. I guess as someone who documents life with photos, it is my natural instinct to want photos of everything. I am a firm believer that photos are memories captured and shared with your children and grandchildren. It's what you'll look at fondly when your hair is greying and you've got crows feet from a life full of laughter. Most skipped over is the time right after you're married--the newlywed stage. 

This stage is right past the honeymoon stage, when you've settled into your life together. This time is so sweet and meaningful, you've just got to document it. I know once you have kids, life's meaning shifts to revolve around them, but this in between time is so important to remember. Check out some photos from my at home session with Devyn and Ben. 

Family Portraits in Laguna Beach, CA

With small kids, I've learned it's best to go with the flow. If they want to play in the white wash, let them. They have their whole lives to pose for pictures, but these are the moments you'll want to remember - them laughing, splashing, and playing around. And don't forget to give mom and dad a few shots together, too. 

So in love with how these family portraits turned out. Check out some of my favorite moments from this sandy and sweet family shoot. 

Candlelit Bridal Portraits

This is has to be some of my favorite bridal portraits. Stacey had a vision of being surrounded by candles - and I just love how beautiful these turned out. Of course, Stacey looked like a princess. Check out some below.