Baring Your Beachy Bump

I find that so many women are uncomfortable to show their bump off, let alone shimmy it around in a bikini. And rightfully so, your body feels like it's been taken over by someone else. My favorite quote was Rachel from friends:

Joey: "How does it feel?"

Rachel: "It feels like I ate a meatball sub and that meatball sub is kicking me." 

But there's something so strong about pregnant women. I think I'm just in awe of how you've completely given your body to a tiny human you haven't met yet, but you love so much. I can't say I've experienced this first-hand, but I just see it--the selfless, patient love. It's there long before your baby is born. 

And I think why I love maternity sessions so much is because I love making mothers feel beautiful. It is so rewarding for me to give just a fraction of that love back. So to my new cousin Tara, thank you for bumpin' around in your bikini. You're just the cutest and I can't wait to meet your little girl. 



Desert Day with the Kalamas

As a typical beach shooter, its nice to change up the scenery every once and a while, so when Sarah invited me to spend a day with her and her family in Palm Springs, I couldn't say no. Known as @hapaholiday on Instagram, Sarah and Kahana visit blog about family friendly vacation spots.

Originally from 29 Palms, Sarah showed us some of her favorite spots in Palm Desert. We started at King's Highway for breakfast, The Living Desert Zoo, and ended with a pool day at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club. Even on the mainland, the aloha is real. I had a blast with them from crazy wedding stories to their adorable little ones' expressions. 

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below: 

Hey I heard you were a WILD ONE


Miss Katie-cakes… what a little personality she’s got on her. I absolutely loved all the faces she made during her “Wild One” shoot. Mama bear, Deanna, did an amazing job stying this shoot. It never ceases to amaze me just how much love gets put into these first year shoots. 

I was talking to a colleague of mine today—a photographer based in London. Being an Anthropology major and a native of California, we were discussing our differences in content, our favorite things to shoot, etc. I told her my favorite shoots are maternity and infants. She told me her client pool simply doesn’t place the same importance on styled maternity or infant shoots like we do here. Of course, the cultures between California and London are vastly different. But I just thought, when our loved ones pass on, all we have are their things and photos. And what a gift it is, to look back at this elaborate shoot mom or dad set up for me when I was one. So is it excessive? I would say no. You only get one first year. Why not style it out to the fullest? Am I right?

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below: 

Sweet Session at The Pie Hole, Orange, CA

What do you remember from the first date you had with your significant other? Do you remember where you went? Do you remember what you ate? Sometimes, the answer is yes. But in my experience, I just remember being so nervous and so smitten. Oh don't you miss that delicious feeling of butterflies and hearts skipping a beats?

And so when I shoot engagements and couples, I'm always trying to recapture that feeling. It doesn't hurt that Colby and Scotty are perhaps the cutest and hippest couple you ever did see. Colby--a stylish, multi-talented creative I met in high school and reconnected with at a college Bible study group--perfectly compliments Scotty a low-key trainer from Australia. 

It gives me such joy to see young couples so grounded and balanced in their love for one another. See more of Colby's gorgeous calligraphy pieces on Instagram @colbycastruita.

Pregnant and Barefoot Remixed

I truly think your sessions should be what you make them. Jaelynn--mom of 3--is more badass than she'll ever give herself credit for. Who says "barefoot and pregnant" has to be typical. She's one of those moms that's got a sleeve and always has different-colored hair. 

I'm so glad she was open to try some edgier shots. As a commercial photographer, I shoot a lot of fashion and swim. Why not merge my style more into my lifestyle shoots, too? 

Click here to see Jae's family photos. Here's just a few faves: 


An Intimate Brunch Wedding, Laguna Beach, CA

I was so honored to be a part of this special and intimate wedding. It was a beautiful day - sunny and golden - in Laguna Beach, CA. Of course, as fate would have, there was an accident on the main highway hindering Kelsey and Dan's guest from arriving on time. Loose as a goose, the bride brushed it off. No big deal. Instead she focused on the good - the happy nature of the day. 

So touched by their vows, I could feel the intentional thoughts and love behind their words. I was casually crying behind my lens - no big deal. After an intimate ceremony overlooking the ocean, Kelsey and Dan shared a lovely brunch at Las Brisas, nearby. Here's some of my favorites from the Troups' big day: 


Family Photos, San Pedro, CA

I'm a firm believer in making your family photos exude what makes you you. Part of this is finding the perfect place. And let me tell you, the Mayers' session couldn't have represented them more. Equal parts ride or die and sweet badassery, Jae chose the train tracks across from her husband's work at the port in San Pedro.

This family is running and gunning all the time. There's never a dull moment. I have to say I've loved chasing these boys around the last few years. I can't wait to meet their little sister. All I have to say is that girl's gonna be a badass - just like her mama. 

Check out some stills from the Mayers' session below: 

Sunset Maternity Session, Laguna Beach, CA

What can I say about this maternity session? First of all, Sam is the first of my close high school friends to have a baby—so try not crying when you remember singing rap songs on the back of the bus with this girl. What an amazing experience to see her, not only be cherished by a man so perfectly balanced for her, but to see how clearly she was meant to be a mother. 

I’m absolutely in love with the name they chose for her—Piper Jane Graf—or PJ just like Sam’s grandma. Let the rad nicknames begin—Baby P, Peej, Peejees, Sweet P, Pipes… 

Check out some of Sam and Kevin’s sunset maternity shoot below.