Hey I heard you were a WILD ONE


Miss Katie-cakes… what a little personality she’s got on her. I absolutely loved all the faces she made during her “Wild One” shoot. Mama bear, Deanna, did an amazing job stying this shoot. It never ceases to amaze me just how much love gets put into these first year shoots. 

I was talking to a colleague of mine today—a photographer based in London. Being an Anthropology major and a native of California, we were discussing our differences in content, our favorite things to shoot, etc. I told her my favorite shoots are maternity and infants. She told me her client pool simply doesn’t place the same importance on styled maternity or infant shoots like we do here. Of course, the cultures between California and London are vastly different. But I just thought, when our loved ones pass on, all we have are their things and photos. And what a gift it is, to look back at this elaborate shoot mom or dad set up for me when I was one. So is it excessive? I would say no. You only get one first year. Why not style it out to the fullest? Am I right?

Check out some of my favorites from this shoot below: 

Pregnant and Barefoot Remixed

I truly think your sessions should be what you make them. Jaelynn--mom of 3--is more badass than she'll ever give herself credit for. Who says "barefoot and pregnant" has to be typical. She's one of those moms that's got a sleeve and always has different-colored hair. 

I'm so glad she was open to try some edgier shots. As a commercial photographer, I shoot a lot of fashion and swim. Why not merge my style more into my lifestyle shoots, too? 

Click here to see Jae's family photos. Here's just a few faves: