How long does it take to get my photos?

For Packages, I typically ask for 2 weeks and try to deliver some web-sized sneak peaks within a few days of your shoot. For weddings, I ask for 3-5 weeks depending on the scale of your event. Similarly, I will most likely get you some sneak peaks within the weekend, so you can give a "thank you" post to your guests on social media. 

When do i book my newborn shoot?

This is a big one!!! Please book your newborn shoot BEFORE the baby comes. The earlier the better, but booking at least two months in advance will allow a great chance of getting a session time before the baby is too big. There is a time constraint in the first two weeks of life, because your little one grows so fast. Of course you can’t predict when your little one is really going to come. When you book, simply provide me with your due date and then I can be aware for the surrounding days.

how soon after birth should i book my newborn shoots?

It all depends on the look you want. If you want those sleepy, posed photos, you must book early 4-7 days old. This is because the baby starts to gain strength fairly quickly and will tend to kick out of those poses. If you want the baby to have a little more meat on his or her bones, you can book up to 14 days to still fall into that “newborn” look.

where do i do newborn photos?

At home! Trust me, you'll be busy enough taking care of your fresh little one and he or she will just be learning how to be a human. I come to you so you can be near everything you need and are in the comfort of your own home to feed, change, and soothe your little one. 

why am i charged for travel?

5 miles is not the same as 50 miles. I charge a small fee per mile relative to the location you choose. I hardly think it would be fair to raise session prices across the board rather than customize price for everyone. 

why am i charged for additional time?

Your time is valuable, and so is mine. This keeps both of us efficient and honest. I always do my best to stay within the package time and only work overtime when you agree. 

why am i charged for additional photos?

It is the worst feeling when someone doesn't book with me, because they can't afford it. I truly believe God has given me the purpose of keeping my prices affordable so I can connect with as many people as possible. When you book with me, you are not only paying for time shooting, but also time sorting, editing and/or retouching, organizing your gallery, a friendly user experience, and years of education and experience to guarantee meaningful photos. You have the freedom to purchase additional photos if you just can't get enough. I mean who can't get enough chubby baby legs?